alpha kartsaki

sound, peformance, visual art


what remains
searching for things that never existed
Schaubude, Berlin 2023-2024

an interactive installation by Stefano Trambusti & alpha kartsaki.

What can grow in the place where something was erased? Can black holes have colours? What does "nothingness" look like? What is the difference between completely full and completely empty? What remains when everything is gone?

Inspired by instructional art, what remains is a game with the audience. Within four months, with the help of the audience, two images on the windows of Schaubude Berlin will change: one will become smaller and one larger. We will find out what remains at the end of the year.

alpha kartsaki & Stefano Trambusti are two people who like to try stuff with different materials. Here is one of their experiments.

Special thanks to Werner Wallner

Photos: Schaubude Berlin 

The pea piece
Lalaspiti, Athens 2022

Inspired by Yoko Ono’s work Grapefruit, the Pea piece is a  photo series focusing on a pea and its journey. Like Yoko Ono suggested, I carried a bag of peas with me for a couple of days and left one everywhere I went. The photo series was presented in Lalaspiti in Athens in December 2022.

Photos: alpha kartsaki

PRAGMATA: things left behind

What happens to the things we leave behind? What happens to the space they used to fill? Can we get rid of them, if we physically leave them behind? How does this gesture change us?  This multimedia installation ranges between radioplay, object theatre and exhibition. Selected objects become the medium of 2-minute-stories, which deal with ending and new beginning.

Concept & realisation: PRAGMATA (alpha kartsaki & Sebastian Schlemminger)
Texts: alpha kartsaki, Eirini Kartsaki, Alisa Tretau, Birds WG
Interviews: Frank Otto, Askin Kirim & E.
Voices: Martin Bretschneider, William Frost, Frieda Gawenda, Sarah Howard, alpha kartsaki, Eirini Kartsaki, Askin Kirim, Manuela Neudegger, Frank Otto, Alisa Tretau & E.
Special thanks: Ines Röhnpagel

For trailer, click here

Photos: Richard Rocholl

Meine Sprachfehler (my language mistakes)

Postcards, handmade book, exhibition

Alpha is a foreigner. Even if they live for a long time in Germany, they still make mistakes and will continue making. Sometimes they also draw them.

The series Meine Sprachfehler (my language mistakes), which includes postcards and a handmade book, is based on real german mistakes.

alpha has exhibited this work at
Errorista Party, Kegelbahn Berlin Wedding
Hoffest, Kommune Niederkaufungen
Babel im Park, Hildesheim
Komplexival, Müncheberg
In*vision, Bradenburg

emo matchboxes

The Emo-Matchboxes is a series which aims to put big feelings like happiness, fear, or confusion in small boxes.

It all started as a part of the projekt Kunstautomaten in 2017. Since then the matchboxes have been out there and have even taken place in an auction in the gallery Studio Baustelle.



The Hör-Buch is a special book:

When you see it in the bookcase, you think it is a normal book, but if you open it you realise it is not. Instead of reading you can rest your head on a soft pillow and listen to stories. There is also a USB port, through which you can load more stories or music or even charge it if the battery is low.

Concept & realization: PRAGMATA (alpha kartsaki & Sebastian Schlemminger)

Fotos: Maria Agiomyrgiannaki