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Panda Pand!
Junges Schauspiel Düsseldorf

How the pandas once had music for breakfast
by Saša Stanišić from 4 years old

Panda bear Not-Peter sits comfortably at breakfast and eats his favorite food: Bamboo. It cracks and crunches. Wondering why our panda is called Not-Peter? Counter question! Have you ever met a panda called Peter? No, have you? It's probably because a panda isn't called Peter. In any case, our panda not-Peter is amazed when he suddenly finds a wondrous sound hidden in his bamboo breakfast. He immediately investigates his discovery more closely. He scrapes and drills with his claws and finally blows into the bamboo tube - and suddenly the sound is back! But you can't see it. How many more sounds are there? Not-Peter wonders the same thing and starts experimenting to see what other sounds he can get from the bamboo tube. Not-Peter soon has a new hobby: the flute. He has to show the others right away. But it's not so easy to convince pandas to make music with bamboo instead of eating it straight away. With his friends Not-Gerhard and the fearless Not-Olivia, he succeeds.

Director: Carmen Schwarz
Set Design: Anna Brandstätter
Music & Instrument Making: alpha kartsaki
Dramaturgy: Leonie Rohlfing
Theater Pedagogy: Thiemo Hackel
Documentation: David Baltzer

David Baltzer

David Baltzer
alpha kartsaki
alpha kartsaki
alpha kartsaki

Bambi Kaleidoskop
Berlin, 2023

A collaboration between HfS Ernst Busch Berlin and École Nationale Supérieure des Arts de la Marionnette, Charleville-Mézières

Let's forget the Disney cuteness. Despite the talking animals, BAMBI is not a children's book, it is a novel about nature, the changing seasons, the hubris of man and who owns the forest. It is about friendship, love, violence and death. About age, farewell and return. The story takes us into the forest and into the society of animals, which is a mirror of humanity: innocence and idyll, violence and brutality.

A theater of images, a stage between light and shadow, a sound universe of natural sounds, a kaleidoscope of perspectives and voices. Using the means of object theater, thirteen actors approach this timeless parable about life and death with their very own rhetoric and aesthetics based on the language of film: shot-countershot, flashback, close-up and long shot, ellipse.

Direction: Sophie Bartels & Katy Deville
Dramaturgy: Yasmine Salimi
Sound Design: alpha kartsaki
Set Design & Costume: Neïtah Janzing

Katy Deville
Madita Kuhfuhs

PRAGMATA: Gute Nacht
Schaubude Berlin
T-Werk Potsdam

A multimedia installation for not falling asleep.

Sleep – to all appearances a natural state. Yet for many, a night’s rest is anything but restful. Over sleepless hours they go coursing through our heads: wild thoughts, strokes of genius, delusions. We are thrown back upon ourselves and yet remain connected to the larger community of sleepless beings.

PRAGMATA opens a door to this perplexing parallel world. Here, by way of a complex circuitry of objects and media the spectator gains access to the dimensions of our nightly (dis)quiet. The audiovisual installation is devised for an audience of one, and takes place every twenty minutes.

Concept & Realisation: PRAGMATA
Voices: Manuela Neudegger, Norman Grotegut
Moving Image: Fil Ieropoulos
Dramaturgical Advice: Franziska Burnay Pereira
Outside Eye: Verena Lobert
Space Construction: Dan Liebenthal
Translation: Charlie Zaharoff
Documentation: Richard Rocholl
Press Pictures: David Metzler
Production Management: Zwei Eulen
Co-Production: Schaubude Berlin, T-Werk

Funded by: Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Europa des Landes Berlin &  Fonds Darstellende Künste aus Mitteln der Beauftragten der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien

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David Metzler

seeing with ears
Site-specific performance

“seeing with ears” is a site-specific performance designed for the specific acoustic and spatial situation of the former water reservoir “Grosser Wasserspeicher”. It is a research about the human capacity, to develop three-dimensional image based in the audible sense.

A blind performer, a musician and dancer explore the principle of echo-location through through palatal clicks (click-sonar) and recordings of bat sounds.

A work about the limitation of our senses and the unattainability of the other.

Does it make sense... to ask what my experiences are really like, as opposed to how they appear to me?  
Nagel Thomas, What is it like to be a Bat?

Performance: Polett Kasza, Silja Korn, alpha kartsaki
Concept & Artistic Director: Katia Engel
Sound Design: alpha kartsaki
Technical Director & Sound Design: Sebstian Schlemminger
Scientific Research: Eva Coenen
Sound Recording Bats (with courtesy of the Animal Sound Archive, Museum of Natural History Berlin): Reinald Skiba, Eva Coenen, Karl-Heinz Frommolt

Documentation: Faozan Rizal

Funded by: Bezirksamt Pankow, Amt für Weiterbildung und Kultur (District Office Pankow for Continueing Education)

Cooperation Partners: Animal Sound Archive/Museum of Natural History Berlin,  International  Bat Museum/ Märkische Höhe/Brandenburg, General Association for the Blind and Visually (Allgemeiner Blinden- und Sehbehindertenverein Berlin e .V. ).

Faozan Rizal

¡ver-rückt! / Attempts at chaos, flying and machines
Schaubude, Berlin
Object and Material Theatre with Sound Collages

I dream of this machine, made up of many small parts that work together. Is there a blueprint for insects? Are insects also machines? How many parts emerge when something breaks? Can I reinvent something out of broken things? 

With little dialogue, versatile materials, moving images, live drawings and sound, two performers examine the crazy chaos of the insect world.

A Research Theatre Production with TUKI Bühne

Performance & Music: alpha kartsaki
Performance: Stefano Trambusti
Direction: Franziska Burnay Pereira
Dramaturgy: Susann Tamoszus
Figure building: Gonzalo Barahona
Stage: Michaela Muchina
Technical support & Light Design: Paul Friedrich

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Lukas Papierak
Lukas Papierak
Jara López Ballonga
Jara López Ballonga
Lukas Papierak

solange ich atme
Bremerhaven, 2022

What happens when singing together becomes a safety risk? How is choral singing changing as a result of the pandemic? Are we at the beginning of a completely new choral and performance culture? Interviews with choir singers from Göttingen, Walsrode and Bremerhaven resulted in a music theater performance with specially composed new music that addresses experiences and changes, mourns losses and looks to a possible future.

SOLANGE ICH ATME is a production by Frl. Wunder AG and VISION KIRCHENMUSIK. Awarded the 2021 Music Mediation Prize by the Niedersächsische Sparkassenstiftung and Musikland Niedersachsen.

Artistic Direction & Performance: Frl. Wunder AG: Verena Lobert, Svenja Wolff, Marleen Wolter
Choir Director: Eva Froebe-Schad
Composition: Volker Sondermann
Assisting Acting Director: Constanze Negwer
Performance & Musical Saw: alpha kartsaki
Stage & Object Design:  Sebastian Schlemminger
Costume: Raphael Jacobs
Performance & Vocals: Members of the project choir from the chamber choir & choir of the Christuskirche Bremerhaven
Production Managment: Silke Lindenschmidt & Ulf Pankoke
Documentation: Jan Richard Heinicke

Co-production: WESERFESTSPIELE 2022
Cooperation Partners: Choirs of the Christuskirche Bremerhaven, directed by Eva Schad / Göttinger Stadtkantorei, directed by Bernd Eberhardt / Walsroder Kantorei, directed by Holger Brandt

Jan Richard Heinicke

PRAGMATA: Der Theatrautomat  

A head. A box. One audience member. Drifting objects, fleeting sounds, searching lights. For ten minutes, the viewer experiences complete immersion in a remarkable world outside of reality.

The Theatre Machine introduces an innovative form of theatre and attempts to renew and enrich the world of the mechanical theatre with the help of digital means. All the mechanics, sounds and lights are controlled by an all-embracing algorithm.

It opens questions about people and machines, about the loneliness in the digital world, about the beauty of the surreal, about the role of the people among computers, machines and automata.

Language: English or German
Duration: ca. 10 minutes

Like a Monthy Python collage.
Tobias Prüwer

A device which triggers your sensations.
Tom Mustroph

The Theatre Machine is a beautiful performance that goes a step further: there are no performers, no people on stage, there are just mechanical devices.

Holger Zimmer

Concept & Realisation: PRAGMATA (alpha kartsaki & Sebastian Schlemminger)
Voices: Norman Grotegut, alpha kartsaki, Felix Koch, Manuela Neudegger
Co-production with SCHAUBUDE BERLIN
Funded by: Bezirksamt Pankow Berlin
Documentation: Richard Rocholl

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Richard Rocholl

EIS lost (in) Antartica
Schaubude Berlin 2019

Through old photos and new plastic waste, Franziska Hoffmann and Matthias Ludwig play their way back from today's catastrophic environmental conditions to the time of early polar exploration and Shackleton's failed Antarctic expedition. With music, objects and figures, they freeze in the ice, row through hurricanes and save everyone - knowing full well that the greatest challenge still lies ahead of them.

With Franziska Hoffmann and Matthias Ludwig
Direction & Set Design: Halina Kratochwil
Music: alpha kartsaki
Production: Uwe Lehr
Dramaturgical Consulting: Marc Lippuner
Video Production: Thomas Georgi

PRAGMATA: The Iron Stove
Theater Discounter Berlin 
FITZ! Stuttgart 

The kinetic installation is a part of the site-specific performance HexenHüttenTraumPaläste (WitchesHutsDreamPalaces) by the theater group post theater.

Together with a group of architects, graphic designers and artists of various disciplines, post theater has created an exhibition which deals with the buildings in the fairy tales by the Brothers Grimm. The audience is guided through a parcours consisting of seemingly authentic artefacts, artistic interpretations as well as realistic and recreations of the “original” buildings on which the fairytales were based on.

Concept & realisation: PRAGMATA
Information & Credits:

tante & tante 
A sibling collaboration by Eirini Kartsaki & alpha kartsaki


Over you
Presented at
Chisenhale Dance Space, London UK
KET, Sound Acts Festival, Athens Greece BE Festival, Birmingham UK (Audience Prize)

All the voices
Presented at
BE Festival, Birmingham UK (Champ Libre Prize & Residency)
Champ Libre Festival, France

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Pictures: Maria Agiomyrgiannaki (1,2,3) BE Festival (4,5)

Die 7 Raben
by Theater Kranewit
Schaubude Berlin

A cosmic adventure based on the fairy tale by the Brothers Grimm with figures, masks and music. For audiences aged 6 and over.

Once upon a time there was a man who had seven sons and no daughter. But if you wish for something with all your heart, it will come true. A daughter is born, but the sons are lost. Their father's anger has turned them into ravens and banished them to the ends of the earth.

All alone, the brave Käthchen sets off in search of them. But how can you find brothers you've never seen before? Käthchen braves the sun and moon, conquers glass mountains and finally finds her brothers - the 7 ravens.

With Franziska Hoffmann and Kristina Feix 
Director: Ulrike Johannson
Set Design: Ensemble
Puppets: Kristina Feix
Music: alpha kartsaki & Franziska Hoffmann

Odysseus. Krieg. Entzug.
A theatrical performance under medical supervision by Miriam Sachs

Composition: Giorgos Kyriakakis with alpha Performance: alpha kartsaki, Jürgen Ruoff, Leo Solter, Peter von Strombeck
Special Guests:
Prof. Dieter Naber, Head of Psychiatry at the UKE, Prof. Hinderk M. Emrich, Center for Mental Health, MHH Hannover

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Silke Wiegand
Stephan Röhl